Dryer Lint Buildup: Is It Dangerous and How Do I Avoid It?

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What is dryer lint and is it really that dangerous?

Dryer lint is the byproduct of our clothing pilling in the wash. It’s considered normal and certain materials will pill more than others. At the end of a dryer cycle, homeowners should clean the lint from the lint trap (which builds up at an impressively quick speed!)

As it’s common for lint to collect in dryer vents, lint buildup can easily become a fire hazard. The first step in minimizing risk for a dryer fire is to clean the lint trap after every use. Next, you’ll need to look at regular dryer vent cleaning.

How does lint cause fires?

Think of lint as the tinder for a fire. As heat collects in the dryer, it sucks in fresh air from its vents to keep it in the right range of temperature. Fresh air can’t flow through the vents properly if there is lint. This blockage can cause a fire in the drum of your dryer.

Similarly, there could be a partial or complete blockage in your ducts even if you’ve had your dryer vents cleaned recently. This blockage can lead to a combustion and fire in the ventilation shaft.

How can you protect your home against dryer fires?

The best way to help keep you and your home safe is to focus on prevention. First, become familiar with checking the lint trap and cleaning it out after every use. Second, make sure to schedule regular maintenance with experienced dryer vent professionals. These professionals come in and clean your ducts to ensure your dryer has maximum airflow. This will reduce (a) wear and tear on your dryer and (b) chances of a dryer fire. (Tip: Try searching “dryer vent cleaning in Vancouver” to find a trusted professional in your area!) Shockingly, over 90% of all dryer fires start as a result of the dryer itself, therefore it’s important to know and understand the potential complications and risks of dryer lint buildup. For more detail, you can also ask your professional dryer vent cleaner for tips and suggestions to avoid dryer fires.

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