The Importance of Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Maintaining your machines’ highest levels of efficiency is crucial in a commercial context. Vent Kings can help thanks to our expert commercial dryer vent cleaning services.

The Negatives of Clogged Dryers

Tiny pieces of lint and fluff fall off fabrics while they dry in the dryer. When you empty your dryer’s lint trap, you’ll undoubtedly become aware of this.

However, not all the lint or debris is collected even if you are meticulous about cleaning the dryer lint trap after each usage. The excess is forced into the dryer vent, causing issues if you allow it to build up over time.

This accumulated lint may pose a fire risk if your dryer vent is blocked. Lint could catch fire due to the heat expelled from the dryer, which could ignite anywhere along the vent causing costly damage.

We use specialized HEPA equipment designed to completely remove the lint, dust, dirt, and debris from commercial dryer vents and have considerable experience with a variety of dryer vent cleaning systems configured for commercial laundry environments. We can help to ensure your machine is functioning securely so that your business runs smoothly.

Signs Your Machines Need Cleaning

Common signs that a dryer vent needs to be cleaned include:

  • Dryer is hot to the touch
  • There is moisture or dampness inside the drum
  • Laundry items smell musty
  • Dryer shuts off on its own while laundry is still wet
  • Lint at the opening of the vent
  • The “check vent” light is on
  • It has been over a year since the last dryer vent cleaning

There are a variety of ways to tell your dryer’s vents and exhaust ducts are in need of debris removal, cleaning, or blockage removal. In addition to cleaning the lint trap on a regular basis, you should inspect your business’ dryer vents once a year. It is important to recognize these signs before it gets too late.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

  • Testing the dryer(s) and dryer hose before localising the outer vent is how we start the dryer vent cleaning procedure (s).
  • The dryer hose is taken off and examined. If necessary, it will be cleaned or changed.
  • The inner vent opening behind the dryer will then be connected by our specialist to the vacuum equipment we have.
  • An air whip and vacuum are used to clean the duct, removing all dirt and lint from the inside vent.
  • After that, we move our equipment outside to perform another air whip and vacuum cleaning, directing any lint or debris that is still in the duct outside the building. To ensure a thorough cleaning, the laundry duct is cleaned entirely in both directions.
  • The dryer hose is reconnected and sealed to the dryer and internal vents to complete the cleaning.
  • To make sure it fits securely and safely, the outer vent cover is examined.

Commercial Vent Cleaning Specialists

Hiring professionals to clean your commercial vents is a worthy investment for any business. You can significantly lower the risk of fire on your property by using Vent Kings’ expert dryer cleaning and inspection service. Not to mention, a more efficient dryer allows you to save time, energy and money.

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